About the brand

I knew I would become a designer already when I was 4, that’s when I started to draw the first dolls and models of dresses. As a teenager, I came up with designs and regularly sewed clothes for Barbie. I took fabric in a small tailor shop – the remnants that the seamstresses threw away.  

And on my computer, from childhood, the only thing I had on it were many folders with pictures from the shows of the current fashion seasons. In school I was carefully monitoring the trends. A little later I went to a drawing class and realized that it was definitely my thing. Then I studied at the Kiev University of Technology and Design, where I learned to work a lot with different sources of inspiration, analyze them, rethink and embody in clothes.

After that a new period in my life started. Vienna is a place where the majestic architecture and culture of former times intersect with modernity. This city has become my main source of inspiration. Studying at the Fashion College in Austria made it possible to learn different techniques of cutting and sewing, working with modern computer technologies and modeling on a mannequinAll this was the perfect supplement to the realization of the ideas that I had since my childhood. 

And in 2018 I decided to establish my own brand. Having accumulated enough knowledge, experience and inspiration, I turned my childhood dream into reality. 

Creative Director and Fashion Designer Yuna Puh


Word of Mouth

“Fits perfectly, nice comfortable material and unique design!”

- Anna - 

“I bought this beautiful blue dress few days ago ,it is worth every penny as has got very soft, nice fabric which is good for every season and the size is true”

- Kristina -